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Frequently Asked Questions About RV Insurance

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Does National General Insurance actually offer better coverage for my RV?

At National General Insurance, we've got you covered. We know that each customer and their RV are unique. That's why we offer a completely personalized path to RV Insurance.
Unlike ordinary auto insurance, RV's need a specialized approach. National General Insurance provides security, flexibility, and affordability from day one. We offer specially designed features and benefits for the RV lifestyle. This full-featured protection allows you to hit the open road without reservation.
Click Here to refer to our comprehensive list of RV versus Auto Insurance benefits.


Our broad range of discounts ensures a lower RV insurance premium. We offer unique savings opportunities when you combine your auto and RV coverage. Click Here for more details.
On average, customers switching to National General Insurance save hundreds per year! Tight budget? Choose to pay every 6 months. Rather pay in full? We offer a discount for that too.

Our unique storage option enables you to suspend coverages you don't need during the months that your RV is off the road. Of course, you'll still be covered for threats like fire, storm damage, and theft. Choose to store your RV six months and you could save money on your yearly premium.

Yes! We ensure permanent attachments and accessories for the full replacement amount - not a depreciated amount.

If your RV is totaled and you have our Optional Full Replacement Coverage, we will pay off your RV loan and help you get into a comparable recreational vehicle.
Here's how it works:
If you buy a new RV and it is totaled or stolen (and not recovered) in its first three model years, we will replace it with a comparable new RV.
If you buy a used RV, and it is totaled or stolen (and not recovered) we will replace it with a current model year or an RV manufactured within the prior four years.

When your RV becomes your home for more than 6 months a year, National General Insurance recommends Full Timers coverage. Much like a homeowners policy, Full Timer coverage offers built-in general liability protection. National General Insurance offers total peace of mind when your RV is your home.
NOTE: RV parks across the nation may require proof of Full Timer Insurance should you plan to stay more than a few weeks.

We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to insurance. From cars, motorcycles and golf carts to boats, homes or business insurance. We provide multi-vehicle policies and discounts. Save up to 20% by insuring your RV and autos on one policy with us.
NOTE: If your RV and auto are ever involved in the same covered accident, you'll only be responsible for one deductible, not two!

No! There is no need to wait until your current insurance runs out. Cancel your current coverage at any time and your insurer will send you a refund of any premium you have paid in advance. Call or click today for our great rates!

Insurance in Mexico is a two part process. National General will cover your RV, but a Mexican Insurance agency must cover your liability. Don't travel to Mexico without the correct coverage.
Drivers are required to have insurance or "proof of financial responsibility," which means vehicle insurance underwritten by a Mexican insurance company.
National General Insurance partners with one of the finest auto insurance companies operating throughout the Mexican states.
ABA Seguros can help you find the right balance of coverage options, liability limits, deductibles and services. Try their online quote or call ABA Seguros at

Here are a few things to consider:
What state are you registered in? Your state will require specific coverages. Your National General insurance agent can give you details.
Vehicle Type. You need insurance that will cover the damage to both yourself and possible damage to another vehicle. The more expensive your RV the more insurance coverage you will want to have.
Have You Leased or Financed Your RV or Auto? Your financer may require a certain level of insurance to protect you from risk in case of an accident.
Deductible. Choose a deductible that is comfortable paying out of pocket in case of accident or other loss. A high deductible may lower your RV costs in the short run, but isn't always the best choice in an emergency.
Coverage Limits. Consider your finances before choosing coverage. A lower coverage may cost less now but in case of an accident, you will have to pay for damages that go over your insurance limit.
Storage Option. Every month your RV is off the road is an opportunity to save money with our Storage Option. Suspend collision and liability, but be covered against theft, wind, fire and storms. Choosing this option could save you up to 53% on your premium.

You select the drivers you want to cover. If you aren't sure who is included call 1-800-325-1190 to speak to a National General Insurance Agent.

Yes, with My Policy, you can view and manage your policy at any time from your phone, tablet or computer. In just a few minutes, you can:

  • Update your coverage, deductibles or limits.
  • Add or remove vehicles and drivers.
  • Pay your premium.
  • Change your address or contact information.
  • Print your insurance documents.
  • Get claims information.
If you have questions you can always talk to a customer service representative. Call 1-800-325-1190 .

National General Insurance offers RV coverage that saves you time, money and hassle.
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Eligibility, benefits, discounts and coverages may vary.
Underwritten by these member companies of the National General Insurance Group, Winston-Salem, NC: Integon Specialty Ins. Co., Integon Indemnity Corp., Integon General Ins. Co., New South Ins. Co., Integon Preferred Ins. Co., Integon National Ins. Co. and Integon Casualty Ins. Co., National General Ins. Co., National General Assur. Co., MIC General Ins. Corp. and National General Insurance Online, Inc. Coverage not available in HI and MA. Coverage in NJ provided by High Point Property and Casualty Ins. Co. which is not affiliated with National General Ins. Some features may not be available.
Underwritten by National General Ins. Co. in TX and National General Assur. Co. in WA. Coverage purchased through agencies is underwritten in TX by Home State County Mutual Ins. Co., administered by Integon National Ins. Co.; and in WA by Integon Indemnity Corp., Integon Preferred Ins. Co., and New South Ins. Co.
RVs with an original cost new of $500,000 or more will be insured only if all autos in household are also insured with National General Insurance Underwriting approval required.
$389 amount is based on nationwide data from new RV policyholders taken during 2017 calendar year.
Insurance Policies purchased through the National General Insurance Homeowners Program are underwritten by select providers of homeowners, renters, condo, and other specialty insurance. Underwriting partners and coverage options vary by state and type of policy.