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Personalized RV Insurance vs. Traditional Auto Insurance**

You've just bought an RV. The first and most natural thing to do is to call your traditional auto insurance and see if they can issue an RV policy. It seems quick and easy right?
If you are planning to cover your RV with traditional auto insurance, you could be exposing yourself to serious financial risk. You may also find yourself overpaying for coverage that doesn't fit your needs.
National General has been providing personalized RV insurance for over 30 years and our policies are built with RVers in mind. Here are just a few of the differences you will discover:

Scenario #1:
Your three year old RV is totaled in an accident.

Traditional Auto Insurance: Your reimbursement is subject to serious depreciation. You will get back only what your RV would have been worth on the day of the accident. This is NOT what you paid or what you owe on it.
National General Insurance: With our optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage you would receive a NEW RV if yours is totaled. 1

Traditional Auto Insurance: Most companies require that you keep full insurance on your RV at all times. No savings available.
National General Insurance: Offers a storage option which considerably lowers the cost of your policy! Plus you are still protected from wind, theft and fire.

Traditional Auto Insurance: Sorry! You are out of luck.
National General Insurance: Our Personal Effects Coverage protects up to $3000 of your belongings. Plus additional coverage is available if you want more.

Traditional Auto Insurance: Sorry! That's not covered.
National General Insurance: We include coverage for permanent attachments like awnings!

Traditional Auto Insurance: What? You are living in your RV? Sorry. That is not covered.
National General Insurance: We provide full-timers coverage with all the protection you need if your RV is your primary home. We also cover insurance items your state requires such as:

  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Traditional Auto Insurance: Your claim may be handled by an auto adjuster who knows very little about RV's.
National General Insurance: Your claim is handled by one of our RV experts. You can feel confident knowing our goal is to get you back on the road.

Traditional Auto Insurance: You will have to pay a deductible on each of the vehicles. (The tow car and the RV.)
National General Insurance: Save more by bundling your car and your RV on the same policy. If you are in an accident (and both vehicles are damaged) you pay only one deductible!

Traditional Auto Insurance: Don't count on any help.
National General Insurance: In a covered incident we pay up to $250 a day toward food and lodging that occur more than 50 miles away from home. A Full-Timer can tack on extra coverage up to $7500.

National General offers the best in personalized RV insurance coverage. Our policies are affordable and our claims agents are RV specialists. Click here to change from ordinary auto insurance coverage to extraordinary RV insurance. Don’t wait. Act now!

National General Insurance offers personalized coverage for recreational vehicles, including a wide range of discounts.
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National General offers custom RV insurance far superior to ordinary auto insurance.
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**State Farm, Allstate, Travelers, Safeco, Liberty Mutual and other companies not specializing in RV insurance
1 If your RV is totaled or stolen (and not recovered) in its first five model years it will be replaced with a comparable new RV, even if you're not the original owner. After the first five model years, you will receive your full original purchase price - not a depreciated amount - toward the purchase of the replacement RV. Replacement Cost Coverage must be purchased during the RV's model year or within the following four years.
RVs with an original cost new of $500,000 or more will be insured only if all autos in household are also insured with NGIC Ins. Underwriting approval required.