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You're better off with specialized RV insurance that includes personal belongings coverage. Learn why.

Affordable RV Coverages from National General Insurance

"Where the rubber meets the road" is never so true as it is when you have a mishap with your vehicle. The bottom line is – are you adequately protected if the unexpected happens?
National General Insurance understands that you need coverages to protect your RV investment as well as to protect you and your family in case of theft, accident, breakdown or other loss.
That’s why we have all the coverages you need for most recreational vehicles, including motorhomes, fifth wheels, mounted truck campers and more.
At National General Insurance, we offer coverages designed specifically for the RV lifestyle, including:
  • Storage Option – Save money by suspending the coverage you don’t need during the months your RV is not on the road. You’ll still be fully protected against threats like fire, storms, wind and theft. Just six months of this exclusive Storage Option could save you up to $400!
  • Optional Full Replacement Cost Coverage – We give you a comparable new RV if yours is totaled or stolen.1 This protects you from depreciation — you could save thousands.
  • Personal belongings coverage for full replacement cost up to $3,000 – From laptops and linens to attachments and accessories, your belongings are automatically insured for what you paid — not a depreciated amount. You can add more coverage if you need it.
  • Permanent Attachments Coverage – We automatically insure permanent attachments for the full amount it would cost to replace them — not a depreciated amount.
  • RVs and autos on one convenient policy – Earn a multi-vehicle discount of up to 20% for insuring your RV and autos with us. And if your RV and auto are ever involved in the same covered accident, you’ll only be responsible for one deductible, not both!
  • Full-Timer Coverage – For RVers who live in their RV full-time, we offer specialty coverage with their specific needs in mind.
Plus, we're so committed to delivering exceptional service that if you aren't satisfied with our claims service we'll waive up to $250 of your deductible.2
Of course we offer the insurance coverages your state may require, including:

And with National General Insurance you enjoy our SmartDiscounts® and SmartServices,® including Guaranteed Claims Service Satisfaction – if you’re not fully satisfied with our claims service, we’ll waive your deductible up to $250.2

Designed to protect your residence and also your peace of mind.
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